The Tradition Ritual of Pengerebongan

The mass trance traditional ritual in Pura Petilan Kesiman, Kesiman village, Denpasar which is known as Pengerebongan. Pengerebogan tradition ceremony is usually celebrated every 210 days, or 8 days after Kuningan holiday.

tradisi_pengerebongan_bali pengerebongan_tradition_bali pengerebongan_kesiman pengerebongan_bali_culture pengerebongan bali
The Petilan Temple is situated near the palace of Kesiman many people calls this temple, Pengerebongan temple due to the popularity of the pengerebongan trance ritual that is held in this temple. There are many speculations on the origin of the word “Pengerebongan”; the widely accepted origin of this word is the phrase “ngerehang barong” or “recharging the magical power of the Barong” (protective deities in form of mythological beast). This speculation is supported by the fact that many Barong and Rangda from Kesiman and surrounding villages come to participate in the ceremony.

  • Kuningan holiday, 25 July 2015
  • Pengerebongan, 2 August 2015

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