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    The tradition only in Munggu, Mekotekan

    Mekotekan is the only tradition ritual ceremony at Munggu village near to Canggu in Bali island. Mekotekan is also known locally as Gerebeg Mekotek, a ritual by hundred of Munggu villagers, usually by young and old men who wearing the Balinese traditional clothes. They walk toward the temple around the village and each bring a long wooden stick approximately three to four meters.…

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  • alas kedaton parade

    Alas Kedaton Temple Parade and Festival

    The unique tradition in Alas Kedaton Temple which locally known as Mepeed. Mepeed is an interesting ritual in Alas Kedaton temple anniversary which is held once every 210 days. Mepeed is…

  • The Soul Purification Ritual in Tirtha Empul

    The soul purification bathing ritual is commonly in Tirta Empul, Tampak Siring. The most crowded Balinese people do this ritual when in holiday and in the full-moon (Purnama in Balinese) or…

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